A Community School: the heart of the matter

Learning societies are built upon the idea that learning and growth is life’s most exhilarating experience and most valuable strategy, providing one with continual increases in richness, dimensionality and meaning, and allowing one to consistently provide more value to all with whom one interacts.  Because childhood is the ideal time to discover the value of self-motivated, self-directed, lifelong learning (the love of learning), and such discovery by children is of optimal value to the community,  it is only natural that school should now become the center of community life – engaged with and supported by the entire community.

Education is mankind’s most profound and sophisticated enterprise, and the schoolhouse, as a vehicle for increased health and intelligence, is society’s most valuable asset.  In theory, the “whole new,” more evolved person both the American psychologist, A. H. Maslow and polio vaccine developer / socio-biologist, Jonas Salk believed required for intelligent negotiation of the 21st Century can now emerge from the education enterprise, allowing children to become envoys from the loftier value system of “self-actualization / self-transcendence” they have come to recognize as authentically their own.

These new fully operational and mentally healthy individuals will create circumstances wherein universal discovery of our brain’s inborn self-organizing capacity is able to unfold, allowing emergence of the self-motivated, self directed, lifelong lover of learning  – the will toward which is born within us all – to become society’s fundamental driving issue.

Within this developmental construct, learners discover their ability to nurture and integrate their own growth, their own physical, as in the senses, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual health and intelligence, and the importance of these intertwined and interdependent categories.

ANewCURE is able to provide a confluent classroom management “system” and school climate design (see below) entirely focused upon nurture of emotionally intelligent, (intellectually) creative and psychologically healthy children and adults as a critical aspect of its neighborhood development strategy and plan.  Available research shows an appropriately choreographed “confluent classroom management practice” provides a highly accelerated academic experience for 100% of the children.  It is projected, for instance, that the elementary school curriculum can be completed in five years rather than eight.

A confluent classroom management practice organizes optimal conditions for interaction, integration and synthesis of cognition (thinking), affect (feeling) and behavior (action) to occur within every child immersed in the environment.  Children in classroom social environments and school cultures that engender emotional health, intellectual creativity and psychological balance provide valuable leadership and role modeling in the community.

A confluent classroom management system practice is designed to eliminate traditional challenges confronted by teachers and schools: discipline, academic engagement, motivation and direction, development of self-esteem and the courage to represent the moral high ground.  Confluent education, education for confluence of the brain’s rational and intuitive capacities, or left and right hemispheres, produces the “new kind of thinking, new kind of behavior, new ethic and new morality” the 21st century seeks.  “It will be the evolution of everyone, rather than survival of the fittest,” as Jonas Salk so concisely phrased it.

For an overview of ANewCURE’s “Community School” model, see A Model for Educational Excellence.  Details regarding a confluent

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